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Please pardon our mess! This web site is still under construction. It will be a really cool site some day when we have time to work on it.  But we would rather be working for you! 

We are a full service software consulting firm providing customized software services - from design to implementation.  We are dedicated in creating software products designed to provide fast and accurate solutions for your Internet and/or Intranet business needs.  Our expertise covers all aspects of financial and inventory control systems.  And our services are intended to save your company  time and money.  Check us out!

Patience Limited, Inc. and associates are dedicated to the well being of your company's computer software needs.  Our goal is to bring you fine products that will help you to quickly and easily achieve your business goals.   We hope you enjoy your visit to our web site.   Please contact us by e-mail at any time to see what we can do for you.  We look forward to hearing from you!


We are proud to be in the U.S.A.